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Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration (ZIFA) as it currently exists was established by Presidential Order of 2nd July 1998. This was mandated by the official Act No.1 of 2002. The Institute is located at Chwaka village, scenic fishing village in Central District 30 kilometers from Zanzibar town. The alarming scarcity of accountants in middle level class forced the Government of Zanzibar to establish an Institute which will teach as many middle cadre accountants as possible. Therefore, ZIFA was established to cater that need. In order to ensure standard and quality of awards provided, ZIFA’s syllabus is in line with the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) and it is fully registered by the National Council of Technical Education (NACTE). ZIFA’s graduates are absorbed in both public and private sectors within and outside the country.

Our vision is to become a model for excellence in the application of information and communication technology to the study of management and finance disciplines, consultancy and research. We aim to develop students intellectually, professionally, and personally through a rigorous program that will distinguish our graduates as innovative thinkers, articulate communicators and business leaders.
To provide Higher Education and Training in Finance and Management; to offer Consultancy Services and Conducting Research Facilities to its Trainees and Clients with Particular Emphasis in Information and Communication Technology


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  Powered by Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration                                                   Email  info@Zifa.ac.tz, P.O.Box 1208 Chwaka Zanzibar, Tanzania
   Chuo Cha Uongozi wa Fedha Zanzibar, Chwaka Zanzibar
                                                      Tel: +255 773 240286. Fax: 2240287