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 The Institute has modern library facilities situated in the new building. The library can accommodate up to 90 students at a time and is served by three librarians. The library has over three thousands books on finance, business, information technology, banking, management and business law. ZIFA library officially started to operate in 1999. Their clients are mainly Students, Lecturers and Supporting staffs. The Library has a collection of over 6000 book titles and 200 printed journals. The library also subscribes to full text electronic journals. Currently, the ZIFA Library subscribes to about 10 electronic journals databases in various academic disciplines. ZIFA staff and students may access these databases from any computer terminals on the campus with internet connectivity. The library also has a good collection of CD ROMs covering most of the subjects. The Books are classified and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDCs). There are however separate sequences for periodicals, pamphlets and research papers. ZIFA Library has largely on open access. This mean that readers have free access to the shelves and may browse and borrow at will. Readers are therefore asked to co-operate with the library staff at the exit control by showing their books, and to accept scrutiny in the sprit in which it is intended by the library
Vision: The Vision of ZIFA library intends is to provide a conducive reading environment to learners as well as lecturer and others cadres of staff.
Mission: is to support the teaching staff and learners to reach the expected goals of quality education to build up the reading culture among the students and other users by providing them with good services and facilities to encourage user's number utilize the library facilities to conducting research studies and other requirement


  1. Silence must be observed in the library
  2. Smoking is not permitted in the library
  3. The use of matches or openlight in any part of the library is prohibited.
  4. No food may be brought into the Library including nuts, milk,and fruit as they attract insect easily
  5. Leave your bags, coats parcels etc. in the assigned place close to the library entrance and must not be brought in the library
MEMBERSHIP To join the ZIFA library, fill in a registration card or form at the issue desk First year students must complete their Orientation Week Library assignment before getting their borrowerfs ticket. He/She is then be given three borrowing tickets to borrow books from the library. After filling in the registration card, the applicant will be given the requisite number of borrowing with which to borrow one volume per ticket. , Tickets must be retained by the borrower when not in use. The loss of a ticket should be reported to the library at once. Replacement of borrowing tickets will be charged Shs. 200 per ticket

BORROWING No person may exercise the privilege of borrowing the library materials unless she/he has filled and signed a registration card at the issue desk, which signifies that the borrower has agreed to abide by the Library


OVERDUE FINES An overdue fine of shs.200/= will be charged per book per day to any member of the library for late return of the books.

possession, and will be required to pay the full current value of such books in case of damage. Any library materials borrowed by a reader and reported as lost or missing will be replaced on the borrower’s expenses, according to the price of the book as purchased by ZIFA Management @


Readers or borrowers will be responsible for any injury occurring to books while in their charge, and will be required to pay the full value of such books in case of damage. Readers are also responsible for their tickets. Any materials borrowed against a borrowerfs tickets shall be the responsibility of the pearson whose name is on that borrowerfs tickets. Books represented as lost or missing will be replaced at the borrowerfs expense and the borrower will be charged.


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